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Covenant Garden Estate

Covenant Garden Estate focuses on rescuing abandoned children at risk by providing homes in a safe and caring environment. Our mission is to nurture children for a greater destiny and community.

As a child development centre, CGE includes homes for children and care givers, a school, a multi-purpose centre for dining, worship and activities, a medical centre, recreation facilities, a library, and an administration and security complex, depending of the location.  CGE endevours to provided a path that will lead the children to career development for a life of hope and prosperity beyond just survival.

Please continue to navigate through this website for more information on how you can immediately begin to make a difference.



We are excited about Covenant Garden Estate with our new home and children ranging from seven to seventeen.  The children are happy and feeling secure.  CGE is a loving and caring environment in a spirit of excellence.

The children are able to walk to school and we will provide them with additional academic support.  Our aim is that the children will reach their full potential in spite of a horrible start in life.

Given the needs of our children and also of the community, a team of our CGE Ambassadors are creating a concept for our CGE Health Care Centre.  We will provide medical, mental and spiritual care.  Education will be a key component for preventative care.

We will again be partnering with the Rotary Club and United Nations for National Health Day 2015, in the first week of April.  We provide free medical and dental care.  With a strong children’s program, over 500 people received care this year.  Next year we will have a great number and again will be in need of medical and dental practitioners and general helpers for a successful mission.

In addition to the continued building development, we are in urgent need of a bus to transport children and staff.   Please ask your friends, peers, co-workers and families to give a donation to a worthy cause that will be saving lives and impacting a community.

We need you.  Please give, go, serve, pray and let us together save the children and make our world a better place.

Please Donate now.



Business Breakfast in Johannesburg
On Tuesday, August 12, 2014 Pat Francis Trust had its Business Breakfast Meeting, at the Holiday Inn Hotel in Sandton.  A team of powerful and influential business, professional and church leaders attended.  A very moving video was presented about the development of Covenant Garden Estate with children ranging from ages seven to seventeen, asking for continued help and support.  Orphans are now in families and one of the children said that she will like to go to University.  From a horrible life of abuse and fear she now has hope and a dream.  The great story of Covenant Garden Estate continues.  Please see the pictures in the CGE Events album.

Charity and Enterprise
The mission of CGE includes enterprise for sustainability.  The first harvest of beetroots and cabbages were harvest, some sold and others given to neighboring schools and families. A bakery will now be installed with plans to train people from the community in baking and running a business.  Chicken farming will also be another enterprise at CGE.

Fundraising Activities
Pat Francis Ministries in Toronto, Canada had a successful 5 or 10K Marathon “Save the Children” on Saturday, July 5th. Over 300 people attended. Please see the pictures in the CGE Events album.

Call Toll Free:1-877-668-5433 ex. 2216 for more information.



How You Can Help

Join our team of caring believers in the cause of saving children. Ways of giving include:

Go:  Come and serve with us on our next mission trip. Workers needed.

Give: Create your Builders Team and for $50,000 you and you can be a part of building a home for children for lasting legacy.

Build: Volunteer your time and skill to help build a home for the children of South Africa.


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